Western Pond Turtle


Status: Vulnerable

  • The Western pond turtle is found in Washington, Oregon, California, and Baja California. The population in Washington was once near extinction with only 150 remaining, but conservation efforts have allowed number to grow to 1200-1500 individuals. The population is thought to be stable in southern Oregon and northern California, but declining elsewhere in its range.
  • Major threats include habitat loss, predation, and disease.

What the AZA Community is Doing

  • In the last five years alone, the AZA community has invested over $600,000 in Western pond turtle conservation, and in that time nine AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums took  part in a variety of field conservation projects benefiting Western pond turtles.
  • AZA SAFE will further these efforts by harnessing the collective power of the 229 AZA member institutions and our 180 million visitors, connecting partners, and creating and executing a conservation action plan to help Western pond turtles in the wild.

Read more about Western pond turtle conservation on AZA.org >

How You Can Help

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