• Eastern gorilla: Endangered
  • Western gorilla: Critically Endangered


  • The primary threats to the Western subspecies (Western lowland and Cross River gorillas) are poaching and the Ebola virus. Western gorillas are also heavily impacted by habitat loss and hunting.
  • The Eastern subspecies (Mountain and Grauer’s gorillas) are also threatened by habitat loss and hunting. Political instability and associated military activity are a threat in parts of their range.

What the AZA Community is Doing

  • In the past five years alone, the AZA community has invested $4.5 million in gorilla conservation, and 48 zoos and aquariums took part in gorilla field conservation projects.
  • In 2010, the Ape TAG Conservation Initiative was launched by AZA’s Ape Taxon Advisory Group (TAG), with the goal of increasing zoo support for ape conservation. Through the initiative, 19 AZA institutions have committed resources to long-term global ape conservation.
  • AZA SAFE will further these efforts by harnessing the collective power of the 229 AZA member institutions and our 180 million visitors, connecting partners, and creating and executing a conservation action plan to help gorillas in the wild.

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How You Can Help

share_gorillaSpread the word! Let your friends and family know that gorillas need our help.

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