Status: Vulnerable

  • Major threats include habitat loss and fragmentation, conflict with farmers and ranchers, and illegal hunting.
  • The cheetah has disappeared from 76% of its historic range on the African continent. The estimated total population is 7,500 animals, roughly half the 1975 estimate of 15,000.

What the AZA Community is Doing

  • In the last five years alone, the AZA community has invested over $1.2 million in cheetah conservation.
  • AZA SAFE will further these efforts by harnessing the collective power of the 230 AZA member institutions and our 180 million visitors, connecting partners, and creating and executing a conservation action plan to help cheetahs in the wild.
  • In March 2015, AZA SAFE sponsored a two-day field training session in Chad, Central Africa to develop a National Action Plan for cheetah conservation and provide field survey method training (including track and scat identification and camera trapping), significantly increasing the number of people trained in cheetah conservation field techniques.

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How You Can Help


Spread the word! Let your friends and family know that cheetahs need our help.

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